Police ‘whitewash’ over report into alleged blunders

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An internal report into possible police blunders over the death of musician Alex Todd-Weller is nothing but a whitewash, it was claimed this week.

Following the open verdict of Friday’s inquest, city police handed the results of their own scrutiny to the grieving family.

Thames Valley bosses had been ordered by the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate how they handled the case when 21-year-old Alex first went missing.

Crucially, Alex’s family wanted to know why officers had not turned up to deal with a sighting of Alex alive but lying in the road in Bletchley. They demanded to know why police did not even call an ambulance.

Days after this sighting, Alex’s body was found in lake.

This week the Citizen understand Alex’s parents were furious to discover the police report has no answers.

“It concludes on every single point that there is no case to answer. In other words, police are not admitting they did a single thing wrong,” said a source.

“It is nothing but a whitewash. The fact remains that if police had acted properly that night then Alex would probably still be alive today.”

The report details a conversation between officers where one was alleged to state: “Shall we write this one off?” It also describes how an officer asked for a meal break before he went to investigate the sighting.

The parents have now recruited a solictor and plan to launch a civil action against police.