Political activist gets fingertip ripped off by dog in Milton Keynes

Tony Mabbott had his fingertip bitten off while delivering leaflets in Bletchley
Tony Mabbott had his fingertip bitten off while delivering leaflets in Bletchley

A political activist has said he will continue to canvass the streets - despite getting the end of his right ring finger ripped off by a dog.

Tony Mabbott, 47, was delivering leaflets through doors in Bletchley on Friday afternoon when a Staffordshire terrier jumped up and clamped down on his hand as it came through a letterbox.

The bite came with such force that it went through the bone and tore off a quarter of Mr Mabbott’s right ring finger, which doctors were later unable to reattach.

As the occupants of the house were not home at the time of the incident a neighbour came out to help and a passerby took the 47-year-old to the Milton Keynes Accident and Emergency Department.

Mr Mabbott was later transferred to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury for surgery, though the condition of the finger tip was insufficient for reattachment.

Mr Mabbott, who has been campaigning to keep the Milton Keynes A&E open, said the incident would not stop him campaigning on the streets.

He said: “It was very painful to begin with but it is just one of those things.

“I’ll be talking to the homeowner who is very upset about what happened.

“I don’t want any action taken, the police have spoken to them about getting a cage behind the letterbox which will make sure that won’t happen again.

He added: “It will take two or three months to heal so I won’t be leafletting for a while but this won’t put me off.

“I was out on Leighton high street over the weekend, you’ve got to get on with life.

“I was grateful for the service I received from the NHS, that is why you need the A&E.”