Balls backs Bletchley Park to bring back business to Britain

Ed Balls at Bletchley Park September 29, 2014
Ed Balls at Bletchley Park September 29, 2014

Bletchley Park was held up as an example of how businesses can lead Britain’s economic recovery, by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Mr Balls visited the facility on Monday afternoon, being given a tour where he met local businesses based at Bletchley Park and learning about the history of the facility.

He cited the innovation found in Buckinghamshire as an example for the rest of the country.

Mr Balls said: “There’s great history at in Milton Keynes - what we want to do is put it to good use by getting the jobs and expertise too.

“Talking to the guys who run the Innovation Park here, they’ve come out of the banking sector to set up a business that employs over 60 people. But people feel that our banks aren’t doing enough to support small businesses, and that means we need to reform our banks.”

Describing British exports in recent years as “woeful”, he added: “People tell me that their wages are still falling, so when they hear that the Chancellor has ‘fixed’ the economy they know that he hasn’t fixed it for them.

“Now he says he’s going to have an even bigger squeeze on tax credits in the next parliament, when these are what ordinary people rely upon.”

Mr Balls, who was joined by prospective parliamentary candidates Andrew Pakes and Emily Darlington, also backed calls by council leader for authorities such as Milton Keynes Council to have more powers devolved to them from the government.

And he spoke about the issues which he claims that voters in Milton Keynes are most concerned about.

The Labour MP said: “What has changed in the last six to nine months is people are worried about the NHS. People are waiting longer for GP appointments, and longer for hospital operations.

“This government promised it wouldn’t have any big re-organisations but now that’s just what we have had, as well as hospital wards closing.”