Bletchley developments: GP plans ‘incomplete’


A scheme to build 1,855 new homes on the outskirts of Bletchley have come under further fire - this time over its proposed medical provision.

The planning application for Salden Chase puts 225 square metres aside for unspecified medical provision.

But critics say there is no guarantee that the site will be allocated a new GP practice by health bosses, meaning that an extra 5,000 residents would instead become patients with the existing GPs.

Andrew Pakes, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, said: “The provision of a new GP practice will be critical to any development at Salden Chase. It is vital that NHS England support a new GP practice in this area.

“We need that guarantee before the developers get any approval to proceed.

“Without NHS England agreeing to a new GP practice, new residents will end up going to the west Bletchley practices which are already under pressure, so Milton Keynes will have to meet the health pressures of Salden Chase. That cannot be right.”

Campaigners have previously criticised the Salden Chase development for its likely impact on local infrastructure and services.

They have predicted “massive” road problems on the A421, flooding and drainage issues, and the affect on education services.

Elaine Wales, community campaigner and chairman of Bletchley Against Salden Chase Expansion (BASE), said: “Growing up in West Bletchley, I know the value of our two local GP practices and they are both under pressure. To have perhaps 5,000 new residents using the practices will put them under a severe strain.”

Councillor Nigel Long, who chairs the Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing board, said: “I am meeting shortly with NHS England to talk about strategic provision of new practices across Milton Keynes.

“The current areas identified, by residents, as needing new GP provision includes, Willen and Brooklands on the east flank, and the new Fairfields and Whitehouse areas on the west flank.

“Clearly Salden Chase needs to be added to the list. I will put that forward. ”