Community champions meet Ed Miliband at Westminster

Community champions meet Ed Miliband and Andrew Pakes
Community champions meet Ed Miliband and Andrew Pakes

A pair of “exceptional” community champions were praised for their work in Milton Keynes when they met labour leader Ed Miliband in Westminster.

Aileen Evans and Denis Davis-Boreham attended the Labour Leaders’ Local Heroes Reception in Parliament last week as guests of Andrew Pakes, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South.

The event saw community activists from across the UK come together to discuss their work with Mr Miliband and other leading Labour MPs.

Aileen Evans is a campaigner for social housing and managing director of locally based Aragon and MacIntyre Housing Associations. She is also a trustee of Milton Keynes YMCA.

Denise Davis-Boreham is chief executive of Make a Difference who runs The Buszy in central Milton Keynes, allowing innovative youth-led activities to run for young people in the borough.

Ed Miliband has been a regular visitor to Milton Keynes over the last two years meeting apprentices at the Volkswagen National Learning Centre, visiting the International Festival last July and launching his plans to build more affordable housing in Oakgrove last autumn.

He said: “It was great to meet Aileen and Denise at my local heroes reception. They are exceptional women who do an enormous amount to help make Milton Keynes a better place to live.”

Denise said “We were delighted to be invited by Andrew Pakes to Ed Miliband’s Local Heroes Reception. It was an honour to be there on behalf of all those involved with MaD & the Buszy and to be representing Social Enterprise & Milton Keynes.”

Andrew Pakes added: “I never cease to be amazed at the incredible voluntary groups and community organisations that bring Milton Keynes to life.

“I am particularly concerned about how young people have been hit by the recession since 2010 so it was great to invite two community representatives that do so much to provide opportunities for young residents down to Parliament to discuss their work.”