Climate-conscious council slammed for leaving lights on all night at Milton Keynes offices

A man who has made it his New Year mission to shame "climate cowboys" in Milton Keynes has slammed the council for wasting energy by leaving lights on all night in the civic offices.

Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 1:26 pm

Max Robinson snapped photos of the civic offices and the neighbouring library lit up in the middle of the night.

His move comes as the council launches a consultation for its 'climate change budget', which earmarks more than £2.5m for green initiatives all over the city.

Mr Robinson said: “We are facing an international climate emergency...The destruction of our planet is not a political matter. So stop playing politics, Milton Keynes cowboy council. Switch off your lights and become the council caring for people and genuinely seeking to become the greenest local authority in the world.”

the civic offices at night

Mr Robinson says he is giving MK Council 10 days to switch off the lights before declaring them 'climate criminals'.

But a council spokesman has defended the night light policy.

"The lights are only on in the reception area after hours for security staff. The rest of the building is operated by lighting sensors.

"Our electricity consumption in the building is on the down and has fallen by nearly 40% in recent months. And the rooftop solar panels on the building which were fitted four years ago now provide over 11 per cent of our electricity needs every year.”

CMK library at night

Meanwhile Mr Robinson, who lives in Bletchley, plans to expose a different 'climate cowboy' every week in Milton Keynes.