Council 'spy' car with ANPR set to cruise around Milton Keynes checking for parking permits

A ‘spy’ vehicle that drives around MK to digitally recognise number plates is to be used by the council to check whether cars have the correct parking permits.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 5:38 pm
Parking permits

The ANPR car will scan all vehicles in permit parking zones to check whether the owners have registered for proper resident or visitor permits.

If an authorised car is found, the owner will be fined.The plans have been unveiled at a council Cabinet meeting, where councillors also heard the £25 annual cost for residential parking permits in Milton Keynes is set to be reviewed.This is because the money raised from fees only covers about half the cost of running the schemes, said transport and planning Cabinet boss Cllr Martin Gowans.He said the review would be carried out “within the context of the £150m of cuts required due to Conservative austerity measures”.

Parking permits