Every decision associated with controversial Blakelands warehouse in Milton Keynes will now go to committee

Two more decisions connected to a controversial Milton Keynes warehouse development are to be made by councillors on Thursday.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 6:00 pm
The controversial Blakelands warehouse

The issue of the Blakelands warehouse, which was allowed to double in height to 18m, has attracted so much public interest that decisions that would normally be made behind closed doors are now being made in public.

The main decision is at the centre of an ongoing independent inquiry by planning consultant Marc Dorfman, which is expected to be completed by September 30 at a cost of £20,000. Mr Dorfman is also looking into the workings of Milton Keynes Council's planning department.

Councillors at Thursday's Development Control Committee will be asked to decide on two applications that, in other circumstances, would be made by council planners.

The controversial Blakelands warehouse

The developer has rebuilt the warehouse but still needs approval for various works that are intended to satisfy a list of conditions that were eventually imposed by the council.

One of the applications is for a substation and electrical transformer housing which has already been built but in the wrong place. The other is for a kerb line change which the developers have already made. Council officers are recommending that approval is given to both applications.

A spokesperson for the Blakelands Residents Association says: "It's clearly disappointing the developer has placed the substation/transformer in such a visible place when there were plenty of other places it could have been situated."

On the issue of the kerb line residents say they are concerned that there might be an impact on the turning circle of HGVs.

"We have raised a concern about this and requested the developer provides tracking paths to show that HGVs can use the turning circle in one go. We have had no response to this though.

"We want to avoid a situation where HGVs might have to make three-point turns and this causes queuing HGVs on Yeomans Drive."