General Election 2019: Conservatives ‘get it done’ in both Milton Keynes seats

As Prime Minister Boris Johnston might have put it, the Conservatives “got it done” by not only holding on to both parliamentary seats in Milton Keynes but also by increasing their majorities.

Friday, 13th December 2019, 7:38 am
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 2:05 pm

Iain Stewart stormed back in MK South with 32,011 voters backing him to continue his nine year run as the constituency’s MP, eclipsing Labour’s Hannah O’Neill who was backed by 25,067 people.

And in MK North, Ben Everitt took the baton from retiring MP Mark Lancaster in some style. His 30,938 votes comfortably overwhelmed Labour’s Charlynne Pullen who claimed 24,683 votes.

Thanking his partner Kenny, and his team, Mr Stewart said he has a “huge passion and vision for the future of MK” which he called a “wonderful new city.”

Winners Iain Stewart and Ben Everitt

Mr Everitt, said the election had been divisive but he hoped the country could now come together for the “exciting chapter in British history.” He added: “The fine people of MK North have put their trust in me and I will not let them down.”

The results were huge blows for Labour duo Hannah O’Neill and Charlynne Pullen who were visibly shattered by their repeat defeats. Both thought that brexit was a key issue.

Charlynne Pullen has fought three losing elections in a ten year bid to become an MP, two of them in MK North. But she now plans to take time off to reflect on her future. “Perhaps you just have to be in the right place at the right time,” she said.

Hannah O’Neill, said Labour had a “message of hope that did not cut through” but she vowed: “I will keep fighting for MK because it is where I live and I am passionate about this place.”

Julia Upton, the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, reads the MK North Result

The Lib Dems finished in distant third places in both seats, with Saleyha Ahsan in MK South and Aisha Mir over the border picking up fewer than 5,000 votes each.

Dr Ahsan, who works in hospital accident and emergency, said she was worried that Mr Johnson’s parliamentary majority gave her reason to “worry about the future of the NHS.”

And Aisha Mir said it had been “an election unlike any we’ve had to deal with before”. To her it highlighted the need for electoral reform so people could “vote for who they want” instead of voting against those they don’t.

The Green Party’s Catherine Rose picked up 1,931 votes in MK North and 1,495 in MK South with Alan Francis.

Mayor of MK, Sam Crooks, reads the MK South result

Catherine Rose said she hoped the climate emergency would get further up the political agenda in future. She said she would send Conservative Ben Everitt some books so he could learn more about the subject and hold him to account.

Of the two other candidates, independent Stephen Fulton, in MK South did best, gaining 539 votes. He is hoping that other join him in forming an independent group and did not mind losing his £500 deposit.

Amarachi Marilyn Ogba, of the Christian Peoples Alliance in MK South, finished bottom of the pile with 207 votes. She is wanting better family values and had to leave before the result was declared to be with her children.