Lib Dems agree to another year of partnership with Labour at Milton Keynes Council

Liberal Democrat councillors have agreed to continue their partnership with Labour to run Milton Keynes Council.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 6:48 pm
The Lib Dem group of councillors in Milton Keynes

The Lib Dems and Labour both won seats off the Conservatives during the council elections on Thursday but while Labour has the largest number of seats at 23, they are six short of a majority.

But the combination of Labour’s seats with the 15 Lib Dems gives them an unassailable majority on the 57-seat council.

Lib Dem group leader, Douglas McCall, said: “The Liberal Democrats will continue working in partnership with Labour as this will allow the full implementation of the Lib Dem’s manifesto for the benefit of the citizens of Milton Keynes.”

The Lib Dem group of councillors in Milton Keynes

Labour and the Lib Dems share policy priorities including tackling child poverty, and the Lib Dems have made it clear that they will work with parties to implement their manifesto.

The Conservative group, which lost seats despite winning the most votes at last week’s election, is setting its opposition battle line around the city’s growth agenda.

Cllr Alex Walker, who held on to his Stantonbury seat against the odds, said: “Labour have had a disappointing year. They failed to make the gains they had been boasting about for months.

“When Conservatives were losing dozens of councillors in other areas in our region, we held them off and are in great shape to take the administration next May.

“I’m confident our wins are due to our local messaging. We talked about things people really care about. One thing that matters to residents more than any other is the need for a sustainable future, a future that protects our grid roads and green spaces, the things that are unique to us as a place.”

He wants the Lib Dems to “acknowledge the clear public resistance to Labour’s plan for the future of MK, not to facilitate it, and to insist the council dumps it in favour of a more sustainable future”.