Milton Keynes man who lay dead in his flat for nine months had been deemed 'fit to discharge' by mental health unit

Autistic Ayman Habayeb took his own life the month after being discharged from the Campbell Centre mental health unit - and then lay dead in his flat for nine more months before officials realised.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 12:50 pm
Ayman with mum

The appalling delay was despite the fact the 28-year-old was well known to both NHS and social services as a vulnerable adult in need of help.

Today a discharge letter from the Campbell Centre and a handwritten note from Ayman himself have come to light. Both give a poignant picture of what he was going through during his last weeks.

The 28-year-old, who had changed his name to Roy Curtis and refused contact with his worried parents, was admitted to the Campbell Centre on September 13 2018 with 'suicidal ideation and thoughts of self harm', according to the letter.

Ayman with mum

His admission came 15 months after the head of MK adult social services had stated: “There are no indicators at present to suggest that he needs any social care or health interventions at this time.”

Campbell Centre documents leaked to the Citizen say Ayman was “pleasant in his mannerisms and making jokes, but did become tearful about losing his benefits.”

They continue: “Roy was admitted informally via A&E after he was found to have written a 40-page suicide letter expressing his wish to end his life.

“This had been triggered by the loss of his benefits a week prior as he had refused to attend a fit for work assessment.”


In fact, the Campbell Centre provided help to sort out the benefits reinstated, but it is not known whether they had been reinstated before his death.

The letter concluded that Ayman was fit for discharge on October 5 2018 because he was “at low risk of harm to himself and others.”

In November Ayman hanged himself in the closet at his Ashland flat. His body was not discovered until August this year, after housing association staff called to evict him due to unpaid rent.

His heartbroken parents found a note in his handwriting in the closet. It stated: “I've spent 21 days in in the violent and unsuitable hell that is the mental health system. Obviously I did not get treatment as I did not seek it, as I did not want nor need it.'

Ayman's note

The note adds: “My death was not the fault of the mental health system,” and then goes on to apologise to the friends Ayman made at the Campbell Centre as well as the staff there.

Ayman's parents Annabela and Fuad say social services and the NHS badly failed their son.

This week his mother said: “The Campbell centre failed to help my son. He had been there previously, they knew he had history and refused help.

“Why didn't they realise my son really needed help and contacted the council or even his family? My son didn't have to know.

“He needed guidance but instead he was sent home to be on his own.”

A spokesman for Central North West London NHS Trust, which runs the Campbell Centre, said: “This is all very sad and we are so sorry this has happened and send our condolences to Roy’s family and friends.

“Although you have been sent some of his personal correspondence and we want to help his family, there is not a great deal more we can add.

“As you saw Roy did receive support from Mental Health Services at the Campbell Centre and the Home Treatment Team in September and October 2018.

“Roy’s main risk factor was his benefits which our services helped him resolve. Once these were sorted out Roy wanted to return home from hospital. We considered this was an appropriate request as his risks had decreased.

“He was supported for a further two weeks by the Home Treatment Team who met him face to face and spoke on the phone during this time about his health.

“The Team and Roy agreed together that our specialist mental health services were no longer needed and he would return to the care of his GP.

“Roy contacted us again in November about his benefits and we referred him to an local service for social support and support to attend his benefits appointment. Roy reported everything else was OK except his benefits.”