'No fireworks at home' Councillor tells people of Milton Keynes ahead of bonfire night

A councillor is urging everybody in Milton Keynes NOT to let off fireworks at home on bonfire night this year.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 1:46 pm
Fireworks in garden

Zoe Nolan, who is cabinet member for children and families, is asking people to adopt a safety first approach and go to an organised firework displays instead.

She said: “I would encourage families to go to the many organised firework displays across Milton Keynes rather than light bonfires and let off fireworks in their own gardens. It is so much safer to go to the official events.”

Her concern is that firework accidents can cause injuries that can have a life changing impact.

She said: “My younger son is a trainee reconstructive surgeon. Training to be a plastic surgeon. They are seeing a huge increase in firework injuries which they’re finding hard to explain. But what is clear is that the safest approach is to go along to the professionally organised events.”

Cllr Nolan added: “Every year there is a huge bonfire display in Campbell Park on November 3. This is a great event and I would urge families to go to this and other local firework displays like the one at the Scots Club, Bletchley on November 1.

“I want families and children to enjoy Bonfire Night. But I want a safety first approach.”

There are around 1,000 injuries due to fireworks in Britain every year. This does not include injuries due to bonfires. More children are injured than adults and the vast majority of accidents are at private firework events or in the street, said Cllr Nolan.

But for many families, a small fireworks display at home is tradition even if it has become more anti-social in recent times.

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