Uproar continues in Milton Keynes over Aylesbury Vale border housing proposal

A proposal that could lead to 1,200 new homes being built on the Aylesbury Vale border with Milton Keynes could be published “by the end of next week”.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 3:44 pm
Border countryside

It follows a government planning inspector’s proposed changes to the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) which has kicked up a huge protest in the Kingsmead and Oxley Park areas of MK, as well as the border village of Whaddon.

Even though the proposal in the VALP is to allocate 1,200 in Shenley Park, developers are looking for the area to take 1,800 homes. Aylesbury Vale District Council says the higher number is "not supported by any of the studies of housing demand that have been used to draft VALP."

Locals who turned out in force at this week’s (Weds, Oct 23) meeting of the full council are concerned not only about pressure on local doctors’ surgeries, schools, and roads, but the loss of woodland if Child’s Way is extended.

A spokesman for Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) said: “We need to make sure all documentation is in place – electronic and hard copy – so that people can fully engage.

“We hope to go out before the end of next week – and this will include mailing anyone who has engaged in earlier Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan consultation rounds – as well as highlighting through media releases and social media posts.”

He added though that he could not be more specific about a launch date “in case anything delays the preparation of the documents.”

Councils including Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes have to have their own local plans, in order to control development. But it also has to have the approval of the government, and if a Whitehall planning inspector wants something, that is normally if not the word of God, then God’s deputy.

MK Council members are gearing up to respond, and all three political parties supported a motion from Tattenhoe Cllr Anthony Brown (Lab) which believes that the so-called Shenley Park Development proposals “could place unacceptable strain on the infrastructure and services in Milton Keynes including on highways and transport infrastructure, quality public open space, GP services and school provision.”

The motion, supported by Tatternhoe Conservative Cllr James Lancaster, falls short of outright opposition, instead opposing “any allocation that does not meet the tests as agreed in Plan:MK and highlight the negative impact of the proposals on Milton Keynes.”

It also calls on Aylesbury Vale District Council to “consult fully with all local stakeholders and affected parties, including those within Milton Keynes and not just Aylesbury Vale.”