Councillor's name could help Milton Keynes people fight cancer

A multi- million pound cancer therapy centre that will help save thousands of lives is set to be named after former MP and '˜people's councillor' Brian White.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 11:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:22 pm
Brian White

Labour veteran Brian died last July shortly after being diagnosed with incurable cancer.

His last brave message to the people of Milton Keynes was never to ignore warning symptoms as he did and delay going to the GP.

“If reading about my symptoms persuades just one person in MK to consult a doctor earlier than I did, then it will all be worth it,” he said.

This month Milton Keynes Council vowed to pay £10m towards the new state-of-the-art cancer therapy centre, which will bring together oncology, haematology and chemotherapy services under one roof .

The cash comes from the tariff that development companies pay to be allowed to build in MK.

During his years as MP for Milton Keynes, Brian strongly campaigned for this tariff to be set up.

He was also one of the stalwarts who campaigned decades ago for a top notch hospital to be provided for the ‘new city’ .

Brian, who was a Milton Leyners MP fopr eight years and a councillor for 20 years, was 59 when he died. He was diagnosed on the day he was due to exchange contracts on a villa in Spain, where he planned to retire with his wife Leena.

His cancer started in the oesophagus. By the time he was diagnosed in June 2016 it had spread to his liver and bones. He died just over four weeks after the diagnosis.

Council leader Pete Marland said: “We are suggesting that the new cancer facility should be named after Brian. The perfect name would be the Brian White Cancer Centre.”

He added: “We work very closely with the Milton Keynes University Hospital, despite the financial challenges we face, we have found the money to help in the fight against cancer. I know that Brian would be very proud.”