Ed impressed by IF arts festival

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Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was in Milton Keynes on Saturday, visiting the international art festival IF.

Mr Miliband cited the fesitval as an example of the city’s success in attracting jobs and being a cultural hub.

He said: “I want to congratulate the IF organisers and all the volunteers for bringing together this amazing festival.

“Not only have they made art accessible to everyone, it is also boosting the number of visitors to Milton Keynes and helping local businesses.

“This is an ambitious programme for an ambitious new city, and looks like it will be a real success story.

“Now that Milton Keynes has its first Labour led council in 12 years I am sure they will continue to promote an ambitious approach for the festival and the benefits it can bring in terms of jobs and culture.”

mpmc Ed Miliband

mpmc Ed Miliband