ELECTION DAY: Lib Dems confident of gains in MK

Lib Dem leader Douglas McCall PNL-150805-014327001
Lib Dem leader Douglas McCall PNL-150805-014327001

The Liberal Democrats look set to win seats in the north of Milton Keynes, according to group leader Douglas McCall.

As most eyes are on the results of the general election, seats are also up for grabs at MK Council.

While the general election battle between Iain Stewart (Cons) and Andrew Pakes (Lab) has had knock on affects in the council election in MK South, group leader Mr McCall believes the Lib Dems could snatch a few extra seats in the north.

“I am quite confident by end of evening will be at least the same level now,” he said. “We are hoping to gain some seats. Overall hoping to have larger group than when we started.

“We are doing well, on plan, quite happy with how things are going.”