ELECTION NIGHT: Iain Stewart ‘doing far better’ in race to be MP

Milton Keynes South election: Iain Stewart
Milton Keynes South election: Iain Stewart

The Conservatives are confident they can retain both MP’s seats in Milton Keynes.

Group leader Edith Bald said early signs indicate Iain Stewart’s MK South seat, which was tipped to be close with Labour candidate Andrew Pakes, could in fact increase his majority in the consitutuency.

Mark Lancaster meanwhile is expected to ease to victory in MK North.

And their night could get better too, with positive signs coming in the MK Council elections.

Mrs Bald said: “We have got some seats we are doing better on than we expected - that is quite pleasing and also surprising. That is the case in three or four seats.

“I think Iain Stewart is doing far better than he even imagined he could do.”