Group of Brexit voters in Milton Keynes brand leader Nigel Farage a 'traitor' following pact with Boris

Brexit voters in Milton Keynes have turned on party leader Nigel Farage and branded him a traitor in a controversial social media post.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 12:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 12:05 pm

The move follows the leader's announcement of a Leave alliance with Boris Johnson's Conservative Party.

Immediately after the announcement, a Facebook page called 'the Brexit Party – Milton Keynes' posted a photo of Mr Farage with the word 'traitor' written across it in red letters.

The post urged members to “vent their anger” at the national Brexit party and gave a list of email and contact numbers.

The social media post
The social media post

Mr Farage is standing down 317 Brexit Party candidates in Conservative held seats, including Milton Keynes, in what is being seen as a major boost for the prime minister's hope of winning the general election.

The Brexit leader says he made the decision after watching a video of the Prime Minister pledging not to extend the Brexit transition period, due to end in December next year.

The Brexit Party Milton Keynes Facebook group has just 135 followers, but the 'traitor' post prompted more than 100 comments and shares.

One comment read: “Are you having a Day Of Rage? How uncomprehending of you all. Calling a man who has devoted his life to Brexit a traitor for being a realist in the current elections! You should feel ashamed.”

Another cynic stated: “How you people ever expect to be taken seriously is beyond me.”

There is a larger Facebook group in MK called 'Brexit Milton Keynes'. This has more than 5,800 followers.

They ignored the 'traitor' post and published a factual account of the Leave Alliance pact.

Comments from the public about the pact ranged from 'Complete farce from a bunch of egoists and fabricators' to 'Great sensible news for the good of Great Britain'.