Half of complaints upheld against Milton Keynes Council

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Half of all complaints against Milton Keynes Council that went under a detailed investigation were upheld last year.

The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) has released its figures for all local authority complaints over the last financial year.

78 complaints from members of the public about Milton Keynes Council were referred to the LGO. 12 led to detailed investigations, and six of those led to the complaint being upheld.

Complaints are divied into eight categories. Complaints were divied as follows:

Adult care services - 11

Benefits and tax - 9

Corporate and other services - 6

Education and children’s services - 14

Environmental services and public protection and regulation - 10

Highways and transport - 5

Housing - 12

Planning and development - 11.

Milton Keynes Council is one of 361 authorities covered by the LGO. 18 authorities had all the complaints upheld that underwent a detailed investigation, and 55 had none of those complaints upheld. 14 authorities did have complaints made only for the LGO to rule that none of them warranted a detailed investigation.