Heartbroken Milton Keynes mum whose autistic son lay dead in his flat for nine months launches petition for law change

A heartbroken Milton Keynes mum whose autistic son lay dead in his flat for nine months before anybody noticed has started a petition to prevent such a tragedy happening to anybody else.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 1:40 pm

Ayman Habayeb hanged himself in despair last November but his body was not discovered until August, when officials went to evict him from his Ashland flat for not paying the rent.

His parents Anabela and Fuad had spent years battling to see their son and know where he was living. But social workers refused to tell them, saying 28-year-old Ayman had chosen to cut himself from his family.

But Anabela insists the vulnerable young man did not have the mental capacity to make that decision.

And she is convinced she and Fuad, had they been allowed contact, could have solved the debt problems and anxieties that led to their son's suicide.

This week Anabela, who lives on Stantonbury, launched a poignant petition on Change.org to give parents the right to receive shared information about the welfare of their adult offspring who do not have capacity due to mental health conditions of vulnerability.

“New laws should be introduced to protect not only the individual but their families rights too,” she said.

“It's too late for our son, family and friends, but I hope it will help similar families in the future.”