Labour must ‘reconnect with voters’ says Andrew Pakes

Andrew Pakes (centre) PNL-150805-074447001
Andrew Pakes (centre) PNL-150805-074447001

Labour must do some soul-searching to reconnect with the voting public says former MK South candidate Andrew Pakes.

Mr Pakes lost to Iain Stewart (Cons) by more than 8,600 votes in a seat which was expected to run close.

While both seats in Milton Keynes were retained by the Conservatives, Mr Pakes said Labour must do some soul searching to work out what to do next.

“It has been disappointing day for Labour,” he said. “We’ve got to get some sleep, and then have a bit of soul searching about what it means and how we can reconnect with the voting public.”

Speaking about his own disappointment, Mr Pakes, who received 18,929 votes, said: “I’m obviously disappointed, not just for me but for everyone who voted for Labour in MK.

“We had a great campaign. We put forward and put forward the issues we felt were important - improving the hospital, getting more GPs, getting more school places and more jobs for young people. It just wasn’t out time.

“I really congratulate Iain, he fought a good campaign. I wish him well and hope he continues to represent the city well over the next five years.”