Learn about Kim Philby, one of Britain’s most notorious traitors

Kim Philby
Kim Philby

The notorious tale of one of Britain’s most famous Cold War spies will be told on November 16, as part of the Bletchley Park Presents series.

Bestselling author, journalist and TV presenter Ben Macintyre will talk on his new book, A Spy Among Friends, Kim Philby And The Great Betrayal.

The book, which was written with access to newly released MI5 files and previously unseen family papers, and with the cooperation of former officers of MI6 and the CIA, has been described as the definitive biography of the last great secret of the Cold War.

Kim Philby was the most notorious British defector and Soviet mole in history. An agent, double agent, traitor and enigma, he betrayed every secret of Allied operations to the Russians in the early years of the Cold War.

Philby’s two closest friends in the intelligence world, Nicholas Elliott of MI6 and James Jesus Angleton, the CIA intelligence chief, thought they knew Philby better than anyone, and then discovered they had not known him at all. This is a story of intimate duplicity; of loyalty, trust and treachery, class and conscience; of an ideological battle waged by men with cut-glass accents and well-made suits in the comfortable clubs and restaurants of London and Washington; of male friendships forged, and then systematically betrayed.

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