Lib Dems lose seat in Monkston

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-150805-123822001

Lib Dems have lost their seat in the Monkston Park ward of Milton Keynes Council previously held by disgraced ex-mayor Subhan Shafiq.

Conservative Andrew Buckley won with 2,373 votes compared to the Lib Dems’ candidate Matthew Drewett on 1,486.

It follows the Citizen’s story last month, which revealed a leaked email from the troubled group, claiming they’d felt they had escape much fall-out from the taxi-gate scandal.

Monkston Ward result:

Andrew Buckley (Cons) 2,373

Kathryn Colgrave (Lab) 1,326

Matthew Drewett (Lib Dem) 1,486

William Leahy (Green) 373