Luxury housing scheme making lives a misery

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Children cannot play out in the street, and residents’ properties are being damaged, by builders creating a luxury development on the outskirts of Bletchley.

Oxley Park resident Anthony Davidson says that people living in Raft Way were not informed about the work to build a number of six-
bedroom luxury homes which began 12 months ago.

The inconvenience began with heavy goods vehicles 
ignoring a promise not to enter the street before 8am, and children being unable to play in the street because of the regular stream of traffic into the quiet residential street.

But Mr Davidson says that over the last month several properties have been 
damaged by 18-wheeler 
construction vehicles driving over their lawns.

He said: “The worst damage was when they reversed all over the lawn of the house opposite me and crushed the water tap for his home.

“They filled in the damage to the lawn, but then he had to get them to come back 
because they’d covered the tap itself.

“The vehicles have driven over my lawn and my 
neighbours’, and left huge tyre tracks all over them. And once one vehicle does it that they all do.”

Mr Davidson previously sent photographs of the damage to developer Charles Church Midlands. The company replied immediately, promising to put up barriers and to repair the damage.

But when he returned from his holiday two weeks nothing had been done.

Mr Davidson added: “My children are 6 and 9,. I haven’t let them play in the street for the last year; the vehicles mount the pavement so often that it just wouldn’t be safe.”

Richard Oldroyd, managing director of developer Charles Church Midlands, said: “We are aware of concerns raised by a resident living near to our Hepburn Chase development and are grateful to the individual for bringing these issues to our attention.

“Our customer care and site management teams are 
attending to the reported damage which will be 
completed this week.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this had caused.”