Mayor Brian gets social

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The Mayor of Milton Keynes will be tweeting from around the town as he signed up to both Facebook and Twitter this week.

Councillor Brian White, who already tweets from a personal account, will be updating followers at @Mayor_MK throughout his year at the helm.

He will also be available on Facebook by visiting

Mr White said: “I want to be able to keep in touch with the people of Milton Keynes, and more importantly to allow them to contact me, using modern channels of communication, as well as the traditional ones.”

Mr White has also chosen his charities for the year. They are The International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Stony Stratford based Ted’s Gang.

Ted’s Gang aims to raise awareness and research for Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, an inherited genetic condition that affects digestion, growth, immunity, bone marrow, teeth, skeletal development and a few other things besides.

About 30 per cent of those with SDS go on to develop AML, the worst kind of leukaemia. The charity is named after a local boy who has the condition.