Milton Keynes elections: Conservatives lose seats but stop a rout as Labour and Lib Dems strengthen their positions

Milton Keynes Council remains in no overall control after the Conservatives lost five seats to Labour and the Lib Dems at the borough elections on May 2.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 7:06 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 7:13 pm
MK Council

It could have been worse for the Conservatives, but they pulled off a result that even surprised Tory leader Alex Walker, who feared the worst but held on in Stantonbury.

But while Cllr Walker held on for the blue team by 110 votes, his deputy, Catriona Morris could do nothing to stem the Lib Dem tide over in Broughton. Lib Dem winner Kerrie Bradburn scooped that seat at the third attempt, joining her mum Marie and dad Robin on the council.

There was controversy in Bletchley Park ward where a provisional victory for Labour by an estimated 140-odd votes became a Conservative hold by just 16 after a recount.

MK Council

The state of the parties after the election is Labour 23 (up 2), Conservatives 19 (down 4), Lib Dems 15 (up 3) and Independent 0 (down 1). Labour is six seats short of an overall majority of 29, and the council stays in no overall control. Labour has leapfrogged the Conservatives as the largest party.

The full results:

Bletchley East. Labour HOLD. Jo Breen (Green), 473. Stephen Clark (Lib Dem), 139. Emily Darlington (Lab), 1,177. Angela Kennedy (Cons), 796. Turnout 22 per cent.

Bletchley Park. Cons HOLD. Sean Barnes (Lib Dem), 213; Jane Duckworth (UKIP), 440. Ed Hume (Lab), 1,335. Nabeel Nazir (Cons), 1,351. Michael Sheppard (Green) 289. Turnout 32 per cent.

Bletchley West. Lab GAIN from Cons. Karl Downey (UKIP), 456. Matt Drewett (Lib Dem), 264. Joe French (Green) 175. Mo Imran (Cons), 1,115. Lauren Townsend (Lab), 1,259. Turnout 29.69 per cent.

Bradwell. Lib Dem HOLD. Robin Bradburn (Lib Dem) 1,670. Stephen Brown (Lab) 854. Krishnamurthy Panthula (Cons) 350. Colin Weaving (Green), 196. Turnout 31.1 per cent.

Broughton. Lib Dem GAIN from Cons. Kerrie Bradburn (Lib Dem), 1,624. Catriona Morris (Cons), 1,131. Ola Oladoye (Lab), 396. Alex Price (Green) 173. Turnout 29.22 per cent.

Campbell Park & Old Woughton. Lib Dem GAIN from Cons. Carol Barac (Green) 232. Adan Kahin (Lab) 574. Peter McDonald (Cons) 1,322. Paul Trendall (Lib Dem) 1,334. Jane Whild, (Women’s Equality Party), 151. Turnout 36 per cent.

Central MK. Lab HOLD. Jane Bowman (Green), 325. Russell Houchin (Lib Dem), 410. Darron Kendrick (Ind) 334. Paul Williams (Lab), 1058. Turnout 21.03 per cent.

Danesborough & Walton. Cons HOLD. David Cockfield (Lab), 455. Alice Jenkins (Cons) 1,528. Flo Montague (Lib Dem) 368. Peter Skelton (Green) 528. Turnout 30.74 per cent.

Loughton & Shenley. Cons GAIN from Ind. Andrew Kakabadse (Lib Dem) 302. Gill Kirkup (Green) 320. Amanda Marlow (Cons) 1, 609. Ben Nolan (Lab) 1,573. Turnout 37 per cent.

Monkston. Lib Dem GAIN from Cons. James Hadfield (Green) 188. Amber McQuillan (Lab), 346. Leo Montague (Lib Dem) 1,387. Jamie Tamagnini (Cons) 504. Turnout 26.45 per cent.

Newport Pagnell North & Hanslope. Cons HOLD. George Bowyer (Cons) 1,681. Andrew Carr (Lib Dem) 675. Alexander Chapman (Lab) 526. Andrew Cole (UKIP) 218. Dan Rowland (Green) 268. Turnout 34.81 per cent.

Newport Pagnell South. Lib Dem HOLD. Jane Carr (Lib Dem) 1,523. Helen Den Dulk (Green) 241. Nick Phillips (Lab) 434. Christopher Wardle (Cons) 622. Turnout 30.34 per cent.

Olney. Cons HOLD. Dee Bethune (Lab) 608. Dana Green (UKIP) 215. David Hosking (Cons) 2,071. Tony Oyakhire (Lib Dem) 309. Catherine Rose (Green) 354. Turnout 36.98 per cent.

Shenley Brook End. Cons HOLD. Ray Brady (UKIP) 241. Shery Delfani (Lab) 514. Derek Heath (Green) 191. Thais Portilho (Lib Dem) 963. Saleena Raja (Cons) 1,000. Turnout 29.75 per cent.

Stantonbury. Cons HOLD. Peter Edwards (Green) 462. Alan Mallyon (Lib Dem) 328. Emily Orchard (Lab) 1,422. Alex Walker (Cons) 1,532. Turnout 32.81 per cent.

Stony Stratford. Lab GAIN from Cons. Paul Bartlett (Cons) 1,360. Ann Cryer-Whitehead (Lab) 1,461. Richard Greenwood (Lib Dem) 356. Peter Hughes (Green) 240. Jeff Wyatt (UKIP) 186. Turnout 36.39 per cent.

Tattenhoe. Cons HOLD. Jack Basu Mellish (Lab) 698. Lucy Bjorck (Green) 275. Kathy Greenwood (Lib Dem) 108. James Lancaster (Cons) 1,262. Turnout 29.1 per cent.

Wolverton. Lab HOLD. Qasim Awan (Cons) 823. Alan Francis (Green) 539. Andrew Kelly (Lib Dem) 273. Peter Marland (Lab) 1,550. Turnout 28.7 per cent.

Woughton & Fishermead. Lab HOLD. Carole Baume (Lab) 1,419. Rebecca Cave (Lib Dem), 170. Susan Payne (Green) 283. Dave Priest (Cons) 479. Turnout 20.66 per cent.