Milton Keynes heads to the polls to decide the future of the country

Election counting
Election counting

With the fate of the nation in the hands of the public today, more than 181,000 people in Milton Keynes could be heading to the polling stations to vote.

There are more than 5,000 more voters for today's vote than for the general election in 2015, with 181,662 registered at the polls.

And more than two thirds marked their cards two years ago, with a 66.3 per cent turn out across the city, when the general election coincided with Milton Keynes Council elections.

Last time around, it was another Conservative clean sweep, with Iain Stewart (MK South) and Mark Lancaster (MK North) increasing their majority, each of them picking up more than 45 per cent of the votes.

If you're voting for the first time, here's a simple guide to the process from Milton Keynes Council.

Not sure who you're voting for? Click here for our guide to the runners in both MK North and MK South

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Current MPs and history:

Milton Keynes North - Mark Lancaster (Cons) – first elected in 2005

2010 election 23,419 votes (maj 8691) 43.5% of votes cast

2015 election 27,244 votes (maj 9753) 47.22%


Milton Keynes South - Iain Stewart (Cons) - first elected in 2010

2010 election 23,034 votes (maj 5201) 41.6%

2015 election 27,601 votes (maj 8672) 46.8%


Turnout at last election (2015):

MK North: 57,883 66.7%

MK South: 59,164 66%

Total turnout: 117,047 66.3%


Current 2017 electorate:

MK North 89,221 (2015 - 86,826)

MK South 92,441 (2015 - 89,656)

Total: 181,662 (2015 – 176,482)