MP Iain supports new carers plan

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City MP Iain Stewart has warmly welcomed Government plans that will benefit young carers in Milton Keynes.

Under the new plans, young people who care for family members will benefit from a full assessment of their support needs so they can receive help and assistance to experience the same opportunities as their peers.

Carers UK, the national charity for carers, has also welcomed the plans.

A Government amendment to the Children and Families Bill currently going through Parliament will improve services for young carers by extending the right to an assessment of support needs to all young carers under the age of 18, regardless of who they care for or how often they do it.

It will also support local authorities to combine the assessment of a young carer with an assessment of the person they care for, providing a co-ordinated and rounded package of support for the whole family.

And it will simplify the law relating to young carers, making their rights and duties clearer to both young people and professionals.

Mr Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, said: “Carers carry out their caring duties out of a deep sense of compassion and commitment to their loved ones.

“It is particularly difficult for young carers who become tasked with adult responsibilities at such a tender age and I am fully supportive of any measures to help them lead as normal a life as possible.”