MP reflects upon Imitation Game star Alan Turning

Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South
Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South

Iain Stewart MP has paid tribute to wartime hero Alan Turing, ahead of the release of the new Bletchley Park film The Imitation Game.

The Milton Keynes South MP was one of the leading figures in securing Alan Turing’s Royal pardon earlier this year.

Turing, who was one of the leading figures at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, committed suicide in 1954, 16 months after being prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952 when such acts were still criminalised in the UK.

But his life and achievements are celebrated in The Imitation Game, which is released next week with his being played by Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch.

Iain Stewart said: “I am delighted that Alan Turing is finally getting the praise he has long deserved.

“This film comes at the end of what has been a monumental year for Alan Turing. At the start of the year he was given the Posthumous Royal pardon and then in March the Chancellor announced the new research institute will be set up and bear the name of the father of computer science.

“For years Alan Turing’s work and personal life was marred by discrimination but, although what happened to the man who in no uncertain terms, contributed to ending World War Two and the preservation of our democratic freedoms, must never be forgotten, we should celebrate his life and remember him for his outstanding contribution to Bletchley Park, the UK and the world.

“I am very much looking forward to seeing The Imitation Game and I hope it shows those who may otherwise have not been aware of Turing’s work, just how vital what went on at Bletchley Park was to the war effort.”