Parents hold creative action to expose the climate and environmental record of local MPs

Parents for Future (PFF) Herts and Bucks took action on 25 and 26 November to expose the climate and environmental record of local MPs.
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Parents gathered in Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, and Winslow/Buckingham. Their bold, colourful banners set out the climate and environmental voting record and political stances of three MPs: Greg Smith, Gagan Mohindra and Mike Penning.

Rachelle, a member of PFF Herts and Bucks, shared “It was interesting to hear the thoughts of other constituents and the things that were of concern to them in relation to the climate crisis. We highlighted the fact that our MP, Greg Smith, has voted against taking climate action 10 times since 2020, and supported Rosebank oil field, jeopardising our children's futures.”

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The action was organised by PFF Herts and Bucks, a parents-led climate group that’s not affiliated with any political party, but very concerned about ensuring our MPs keep the climate crisis a top priority.

Local parents raise awareness on local MPs voting record on the climate and environment. Local parents raise awareness on local MPs voting record on the climate and environment.
Local parents raise awareness on local MPs voting record on the climate and environment.

Raeeka, from PFF Herts and Bucks, said: “Our current government has u-turned on all of the major environmental commitments it made, and our local MPs are complicit in this. By exposing their climate and environmental voting records we can hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and ensure we are represented by someone who will give these issues the proper consideration they deserve.”

The group is part of Parents for Future UK (PFF UK), the largest parent climate movement in the UK. Similar actions took place across the UK this weekend as part of PFF UK’s #VoteForFuturesSake campaign – holding MPs to account for their records on the climate and environment, exposing where politicians failed to back climate and environmental action, and highlighting where MPs have done so.

These actions come in the wake of government backtracking on climate and environmental commitments in recent months, including the announcement of over 100 new oil and gas licences in the summer and new oil and gas legislation in the King's Speech. This comes on top of government failure to announce policies that would promote a swift move to home grown renewable energy – the energy solution that will bring down our bills and our emissions.

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PFF is calling on politicians of all parties to commit to immediate action on climate and nature if they want our vote. Stopping all new oil and gas licences, including the controversial Rosebank oil field off the Scottish coast, and for government investment in renewable energy to bring down energy bills at the same time as tackling climate change.

Charlotte Howell-Jones, Co-Director of Parents for Future UK, said: “Parents up and down the country have reminded their local MPs that how they vote and what they say on climate and environmental issues matters, and they will be held to account for it at the ballot box.

“As elected politicians our MPs have a responsibility to protect all of our children’s futures from the threat of climate change, and parents will not vote for candidates who fail to do so. The votes of parents motivated by protecting their children from climate catastrophe could decide the next election.

“We want to see all new oil and gas licences and projects stopped, including the Rosebank oil field, and proper investment in home grown renewable energy that can bring down bills at the same time as reducing carbon emissions. Parents will continue to push our MPs to commit to action on climate and nature, to stop this government condemning our children to a bleak future.”

What is PFF Herts and Bucks?

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PFF Herts and Bucks is a group for local parents who are concerned about the climate crisis. Members work together on local initiatives to help protect a liveable planet for the next generation, fostering community connection and resilience. It’s one of PFF UK’s 25+ regional groups, which together has a rapidly growing network of over 25,000 supporters.

The group raises awareness about the effects of climate change – through local family-friendly campaigns, and sharing easy and quick solutions to bring about systemic change. And it supports parents who are struggling with the anxiety that can come with facing the climate crisis.

To find out more, or to get involved, email [email protected] or find the group on Instagram: @parentsforfuture_hertandbucks.

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