Police cuts in Milton Keynes: “They can’t both be right. There can’t be a great big problem and also no problem at all”

Andrew Pakes ENGPNL00120130416125908
Andrew Pakes ENGPNL00120130416125908

Police bosses need to work together to stop hundreds of officers losing their jobs while police stations are closed across the city, it was claimed this week.

Andrew Pakes, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, has accused the chief constable and the Police And Crime Commissioner of “quibbling” at a time when budget cuts could mean significant cuts across the area.

And he has challenged them to convey a consistent message about what the £40million cut in the police budget will mean.

Mr Pakes said: “What the chief constable says and what the Police And Crime Commissioner says can’t both be true. There can’t be a great big problem but also no problem at all. And to be honest I have to agree with the Commissioner - there IS a problem.

“It’s now clear that Thames Valley Police faces the biggest budget challenge it has had for a generation; up to 400 officers may face the chop, and there are plans to close or downgrade numerous police stations.

“People didn’t vote in the Police And Crime Commissioner two years ago as someone who would make officers redundant. It’s time for the government to realise the financial pressures that police forces are facing.”

Mr Pakes spoke following this weeks comments by Police And Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld and Chief Constable Sara Thornton.

He also warned about what the ultimate impacf of the £40million budget cut might be.

He said: “There would be a real risk we’d see far fewer officers in our city, and far fewer police offices outside the city centre, at a time when Milton Keynes is only growing.

“Our two senior police representatives need to stop quibbling about scale of the problem and concentrate on fighting for more officers and more resources.”