Pub in Milton Keynes given the OK to use its wooden extension

The Red House, Newport Pagnell
The Red House, Newport Pagnell

A pub has been given official permission to use its wooden restaurant extension after a committee was given evidence that it is covered by safety certificates.

An application by the Red House, in Wolverton Road, Newport Pagnell, to vary its alcohol licence to be able to officially use the area had been put on hold from last week because the Milton Keynes Council committee did not have proof that it was safe.
Pub company representative Brian Kelly, appearing before yesterday’s (Monday) reconvened Licensing Sub-Committee, said: “We have invested a lot of money in the Red House and we see it as a community asset. We would not put our reputation or our customers at risk by putting something up that was not safe.

“Last week I was disappointed with the outcome because I knew it was safe and tested, and I knew I had all the documentation. It is a safe structure and we do take our responsibility very seriously.”

He also said that disabled access ramps had been added to the pub.

Mr Kelly told the sub-committee of three councillors that he had familiarised himself with every aspect of the property, including its electrical wiring system, the type of wood used, and its fire resistance to make sure that he was satisfied. He handed over a file of documents that impressed the committee.

Committee chairman Cllr Mick Legg (Lab, Bletchley West) said: “The committee was impressed by your reaction to the adjournment and the time you have put aside to deal with these issues.

“We are now happy that the Red House is compliant with our licensing regulations but mindful that you still need to comply with building regulations. We are happy to grant the licence with conditions.

“Thank you for listening to the committee’s concerns and addressing them.”

Mr Kelly, who said he is making progress with the council’s building control department, also agreed to put up a sign in the pub to ask customers not to park cars in a nearby bus stop, after complaints to the council from some residents.