Public hustings for prospective Milton Keynes MPs?


The public could have the chance to quiz prospective MPs across Milton Keynes North, at hustings events across the city.

Emily Darlington, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, wants the constituency to emulate the leaders’ debates which are expected to be shown on television featuring the leaders of the parties nationally.

She has written to parish councils across the patch, is also contacting all her fellow candidates to ask them to commit to attending a minimum of 10 events ahead of the May 7 general election.

Turn-out in Milton Keynes North at the last election was 65.8 per cent - slightly above the national average but still meaning that one third of voters did not have their say.

Ms Darlington said: “I really hope that parish councils and other community groups will seize the opportunity to hold local hustings and give local people have the chance to hear for themselves from all the candidates, as well as have the chance to ask questions.

“I know that not every parish council will be able to do that, so I think it is important that we as candidates commit to a minimum number of hustings and that those events are spread across the constituency.

“Where parish councils aren’t able to host a hustings, I hope that other civic groups and the local media will be able to come together and give people the chance to participate.“