Rapist cabbie scandal: ‘Councillor needs to resign to repair damage’

MPMC Stuart Burke
MPMC Stuart Burke

The former leader of Milton Keynes Council has called for the resignation of a councillor caught up in the taxi licensing scandal.

Speaking to the Citizen ahead of this evening’s audit committee, Councillor Andrew Geary said Lib Dem Stuart Burke should step down immediately.

Mr Geary said: “I do this out of regret because Mr Burke is a person I like as an individual.

“However, someone who demonstrates that they need an audit report to apologise for a serious error in judgement is not fit as a person to represent the Milton Keynes electorate at any level.

“The reputation of Milton Keynes cannot be restored until those involved resign.”

Mr Burke formally apologised for his actions last week - two days after the publication of the council’s investigation.

He was chairman of MK Council’s licensing committee which renewed the licence of Nadeem Ahmed Kiani.

The audit revealed recorded conversations with officers investigating the taxi scandal, which quoted Mr Burke saying the rapist who drove a city taxi for three years had “done his crime, served his time”.

Tonight, Mr Burke who is a member of the audit committee, was replaced by Ric Brackenbury, but he attended the meeting to watch on from the sidelines.

Speaking last week, Mr Burke said: “I have considered the report very carefully.

“In doing so I have reflected on my position and wish to formally apologise.

“I want to ensure that all that can be done to protect the public is achieved and therefore will be supporting the recommendations from the council’s audit report fully.

“I will make it my priority to ensure they are actioned.”