Salden Chase plans back on the agenda

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PLANS to build 5,000 homes near Newton Longville –thrown out two years ago, could be back on the agenda.

Salden Chase, between Newton Longville and the Racecourse estate in Bletchley, is subject to another planning application, put forward on Monday, albeit much smaller than the original plan.

Councillor Nigel Long, who sits on West Bletchley Council, believes the developers will put forward several ‘bite-sized’ applications so they can get the estate plan through.

He will put forward a motion to the council vowing to fight against the development now it’s back on the table.

The motion states: “This council agrees to re-establish the Salden Chase sub-committee of the council, under the previous chair and local resident Councillor Ernie Thomas, in order to work with residents and respond to the proposals for the Salden Chase area which are coming forward from the developers and their consultants again, albeit in bite-sized chunks.”

Mr Long said: “The problems that led to the previous big application still remain. It would cause massive road problems, it would affect the drainage of neighbouring areas and the new residents would pay council tax in Aylesbury Vale but use Milton Keynes services. I am calling on residents to return to the trenches and take on this multi million pound developer with all its high paid consultants.

“To build here would bring huge problems and I urge residents to join me in fighting these people and their money.”

The area around Salden Chase is highly sought after – plans to build an estate on the Windmill Hill golf course, adjacent to the Racecourse estate and Salden Chase was recently refused by Milton Keynes Council.

But Dan Slater, who lives on the Racecourse estate, said he didn’t see any problem with the development.

“I have no issues with them building on that land,” he said. “Milton Keynes is a growing place, so it’s natural that people look to build on the outskirts.”