Sex scandal mayor ‘not fit for new council role’ in Milton Keynes

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140917-192140001

The disgraced ex-Mayor of Milton Keynes has been barred from a new council role after a vote by councillors.

Councillor Subhan Shafiq was expected to join the council’s health select committee on Tuesday evening, one month after he resigned as mayor.

But fellow councillors voted to not allow him to join the committee, and the matter will have to be referred back to full council in two weeks’ time.

Mr Shafiq was forced to resign as mayor after it emerged he had given a reference for a “lifelong friend” to become a city taxi driver. The man was a convicted rapist, with four convictions for serious sexual assaults.

Lib Dem group leader councillor Douglas McCall said the decision was unfair.

He said: “I don’t know why the Conservatives are being so nasty and vindictive.

“This matter has already been handled by the last full council, so we believe that it is not right the committee chairman Alice Bramall has put this on the agenda.”

Mr McCall added that other Liberal Democrat councillor fully supported Mr Shafiq, and claimed that some public criticism against Mr Shafiq has been racially-motivated, saying: “Some of it is because he is Pakistani.”

Councillor Alice Bramall, who chairs the health select committee and introduced the motion to remove Mr Shafiq from the council, was unimpressed by the comments.

She told the Citizen: “This was placed onto the agenda due to the large-scale public concern about Mr Shafiq’s appointment, which was expressed to me and to other members.

“It was not so much a criticism of Councillor Shafiq as it was of the leadership of Councillor Douglas McCall in placing him on this committee.”

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