Tory MPs: Milton Keynes A&E concerns are “unnecessarily alarmist”

A major downgrade of A&E at Milton Keynes Hospital is “inconceivable”, according to the city’s two MPs.

Last week the Citizen reported that regional health bosses propose making a “major downgrade” to one or both of the A&E departments at Milton Keynes and Bedford Hospitals. The plans are part of a £3.2million review of healthcare in the two centres.

But Conservative MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster, who have both been firm supporters of the Citizen’s 18-month campaign to build a new A&E department for the city, are upbeat about the future of the hospital.

And Milton Keynes South MP Mr Stewart believes that both sites could avoid a major A&E downgrade.

He said: “Some of the comments made so far have been unnecessarily alarmist.

“There needs to be a sensible debate about this, but suggesting that a decision has been made is not the way to move forward. It could be that both hospitals get to avoid a major downgrade of A&E services.

“If you look all that’s going with Milton Keynes Hospital it’s inconceivable that there would be a downgrade.”

Mark Lancaster, MP for North East Milton Keynes, said: “Iain Stewart and I have been proud to support the Citizen’s campaign for a new A&E for the hospital; I believe that will happen, and that we will ultimately have an enhanced A&E.

“Iain and I have invited Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to come to Milton Keynes to see the hospital for himself. We have already met with Chancellor George Osborne and expect to see him again in the next couple of weeks.”

He added: “I have been supporting Milton Keynes Hospital for many years and I am quite optimistic about the future. There are lots of things happening at the hospital at the moment, and while this is an independent review I am confident that when it is over we will have enhanced clinical services.

“That is what we all want to see, in this growing town with an expanding population.”