'Votey McVoteface' urges boat dwellers to register their vote in the PUB in Milton Keynes

A campaign called Votey McVoteface has been launched to encourage people living on canal boats in Milton Keynes to register their vote - in their local pub.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 6:00 am

The aim is to stop the Conservatives from retaining the city's two marginal seats.

Votey McVoteface, a play on the Boaty McBoatface polar boat naming saga of 2016, is not supporting any particularly party but states its aim as keeping the Tories out of power.

The campaign is targeting people who think they are unable to vote because they do not have a fixed address. These include 15,000 people who live permanently on boats up and down the UK.

Boaters can easily register to vote

Milton Keynes, with its high canal-dwelling population and two marginal Tory held seats, is cited as a prime target by Votey McVoteface.

Mark Lancaster, who is resigning and will not be standing, had a majority of just 1,915 against Labour in MK North two years ago, while Iain Stewart held onto his seat in MK South with a 1,725 majority.

The Votey McVoteface campaign says the vote from the floating population could make all the difference in MK.

A spokesman said: “Boaters who have moored in areas of the UK, or used their services, can register to vote in those areas until 26 November, but many don't realise because of the complexity of the voting system.”

The Votey McVoteface website lists five canalside places where Milton Keynes boaters can register to vote. These are MK Marina at Peartree Bridge, Giffard Park pub, the Black Horse pub at Great Linford and the Barge or Cross Keys pubs at Woolstone.

Boaty McBoatface campaigner and boater Ruth Westcott said: "Some people aren't even aware that they can vote because the regular registration form online asks for your address straight away, and if you don't have one it isn't clear what you should do."

She added: "It is really important that boaters' voices are heard.”