Woburn Sands’ future approved

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Woburn Sands residents have given overwhelming approval to a new plan that will shape the future of the town until 2026.

The Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan provides a framework for all developments in the locale for the next 22 years, and is the first such plan to be approved by Milton Kenyes Council.

Although the town is 
currently in the middle of a major expansion with the Parklands estate, which will increase its size by 50 per cent, the plan proposes a pause on any future development once this is completed, and no 
further extension of the town’s built-up area.

Councillor Mike Geddes, Mayor of Woburn Sands, said: “This is a landmark in the 
development of Woburn Sands.

“We are committed to creating a sustainable community which meets the needs of our residents and continues to make a valuable contribution to the Milton Keynes area.”

When the details of the plan went to a residents’ 
referendum there was a 42 per cent turnout and 89 per cent were in favour.

The plan will be revised again in five years’ time.