Poo bag clip a clean answer

The doggy poo bag clip.
The doggy poo bag clip.

A pertinent point - and one recently raised in a reader’s letter. Yes, those dog owners who are responsible enough to clear up after their pooch, but not responsible enough to properly dispose of the poo bag.

No, we don’t chuck it over the nearest fence, or furtively kick it under a parked car.

In fact, as upstanding two and four legged citizens my faithful hound Herbie and I have come up with the solution - the poo bag clip.

Simply attach a bulldog clip to the lead with a small tie wrap and voila, a hygienic means to carry the package to the nearest receptacle.

Now, we need to articulate our invention in the form of a patent. And on the subject of articulation and patents it was at Wolverton Works that the Wolverton Coupling was invented, the forerunner of the modern articulated lorry.

As for one of the works superintendents, his grandfather invented the first steam propelled vehicle for passengers.

Also on the boil was a pastor of the Newport Pagnell Congregational Meeting, who apart from being the brother of a famous artist was the inventor of a steam engine with a separate condenser.

But what of the poo bag clip? Well, the royalties should soon start rolling in.

But what to do with all this wealth?

Personally, I’m up for retiring to an idyllic rest home, to be tended by eye candy nurses.

However, Herbie thinks that’s barking. He just wants to open a gourmet sausage factory.