Popstar Peter put effort in to help transform home

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A couple were made up when their house got a makeover as part of a television programme hosted by former popstar, Peter Andre.

Emily and Gavin Armstrong, who live in Bletchley, were visited by Peter, Linda Barker, and the 60-minute makeover team last week.

The couple had suffered significant problems in getting a house in the area after the sale of their former flat kept falling through and when they found their home in Western Road they couldn’t afford to get a full survey.

Emily said: “We didn’t have any money for repairs so after seeing the show I applied as a surprise for Gavin. That was three weeks before the day they arrived and I actually got a call from the show within an hour of applying.

“I think they took into account the fact that it was a surprise for Gavin and that we have twin boys who are only 18 months old.”

The show carries out work in two rooms of the houses they choose and after extensive thought Emily chose to redecorate the dining room and living room as they were areas that needed to be made safe for the babies.

Emily said: “I had to agree on two rooms which would be worked on and I had to give them ideas on what Gavin would like. Peter Andre is a big celebrity though and we had a lot of people there on the day they filmed. I thought he would just do a bit here and there but he really got involved. He was a really nice and genuine guy.

“Linda was in all day as well and they did both rooms in just one day, there was so many people working but it was amazing, we are both really happy with the results.”

The show will air in September and will be fronted by Peter. In each show he will add a personal touch and this time he signed one of the walls underneath a print of his thumb.