Popular doctor is practising to be a church reverend

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One of the city’s longest-serving GPs has gone back to college – to become ordained as a church minister.

But Dr Sam Muthuveloe has already vowed not to hang up his stethoscope in favour of a dog collar.

“There is no way I plan to abandon my patients. I can be a doctor and a reverend at the same time,” he said.

Dr Sam, who comes from Sri Lanka, started at Pennyland’s Sovereign Medical Centre in 1985 and is now senior partner.

“I always wanted to be a doctor but the desire to serve God was ingrained in me. My father was an accountant but saw the light and became an Anglican minister in Sri Lanka when he was in his late 40s,” he said.

The down-to-earth doctor, who is known universally as ‘Dr Sam’ does not even plan to change his title.

“Technically I will be the Doctor Reverend Muthuveloe. But I’ve told people to call me Dr Sam or just Sam. The title really does not matter.”

The Great Linford dad of two is just completing his first year of a three-year theological ministry training course at Oxford’s Ripon College.

He gets up at 4.30 every morning to do his studies before the day’s surgery.

The evenings are often devoted to his other passion – Hope Outreach, a charity that has helped thousands of poverty-stricken people in the north of Sri Lanka.

Yet he still finds time for a daily visit to David Lloyd gym to keep physically fit.

“It is hard work and I have to manage my time carefully. It helps to have a good supportive wife!” he said.

Dr Sam plans to become a ‘floating minister’, taking services in local churches and conduct weddings, funerals and christenings.

This Sunday he is appearing at St Mary’s Church in Bletchley.