Pothole could be a killer

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A motorist whose tyres were destroyed by a pothole on a city grid road is calling for immediate action from the council.

Chris Goldsmith fears the next unlucky driver to hit the pothole near the Northfield roundabout could be seriously injured or even killed.

He said: ”I was only driving around 35 miles an hour but the speed limit is 60 on that road. I can’t bear to think what would happen if somebody drove over it at that speed.”

Chris, who paid £107 for new tyres, is now demanding compensation from Milton Keynes Council.

He is one of dozens of motorists who have made similar claims for pothole damage in the past year.

He is also urging the council to fix the pothole as a matter of priority.

He said: “There could be a serious accident there if someone hits that at speed .

“Ultimately people using the roads in Milton Keynes need to be safe.”