Pothole in Fishermead is ‘not big enough’ to fix

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Two city politicians have been left scratching their heads after being told a 4cm deep pothole was not deep enough to fix.

Emily Darlington, parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes North, and parish councillor, Martin Petchey, have both now reported the pothole, on Fishermead, to Milton Keynes Council.

However, after reporting the pothole, on the Polruan Place roundabout, Mr Petchey was told that after carrying out an inspection the Council would not be carrying out work on it as it is not yet deep enough.

They also said they were monitoring the situation and prioritising those holes which were deeper.

Miss Darlington said more people now contact her regarding potholes as a result of the wet weather.

She said: “My email traffic is full of people saying the roads are in a terrible state while the Tory-led Council claim there are fewer potholes. People simply don’t believe it.”

“I wonder how many potholes there are out there that are being “monitored”. It seems like a huge waste of resources to me and 5cm seems like a very high threshold for repairs to start. Surly the bigger the hole the more money it takes to fix? I think it would be far more efficient to fix more smaller holes before they get worse and need more work? It is impossible to fix every pothole, but is it any wonder the roads are in such a poor state when the policy is to only fix them when they become like craters?”

Mr Petchey added: “I think it is odd that MK Council have set the level at which they repair road defects at such a high level. We are being told there are fewer potholes that need repairing, but it is that because they have simply changed what a pothole is?”

“The pothole on the Polruan Place roundabout is quite dangerous and can’t really be avoided. It won’t be long before something is damaged or worse. I can’t believe that MK Council will spend money monitoring a hole while it gets bigger instead of fixing it for residents.”