Pothole payouts are costing councils: Milton Keynes road named one of the worst in UK


A city road has been named and shamed as one of the worst for potholes in the UK.

The state of the A509 in Milton Keynes North is causing damage to city cars and the council’s bank balance as it’s been revealed there have been 116 compensation claims since 2012.

Answers to a Freedom of Information Act gathered by LV=Road Rescue from a total of 143 UK councils revealed councils paid out more than £5million in compensation for potholes or other road damage in the financial years 2012/13 and 2013/14.

Payouts have soared by up to a quarter in the past year nationally with more than 26,000 compensation claims made in the past financial year.

That’s an increase of 13 percent compared to last year, with councils across the country having to payout for punctured tyres, damaged suspension and ruined wheel rims.

Milton Keynes North MP, Mark Lancaster, said: “Living in Olney it’s a road I use most days.

“It is bad, though having had a grant of £50million from government to fix pot holes, and with it being one of the main arterial routes into the city, I see no reason why Milton Keynes Council shouldn’t address the problem.”