Pothole perils are ‘treated as a joke’

Pot holes in Woburn Sands.
Pot holes in Woburn Sands.
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The ‘appalling state’ of a road that has been driving people potty for months will not be fixed until the end of the year.

That’s despite desperate pleas to the highways authority, says town councillor Mike Galloway.

Mr Galloway is angry that potholes in Creed Street, Wolverton, are not deemed serious enough to fix right away.

He said: “It is now over two months since MK Council were asked to deal with dangerous potholes here.

“They are meant to deal with dangerous potholes within 24 hours, so why don’t they do so in Wolverton? People in Wolverton want it fixed now, Arriva want it fixed now, so why isn’t Milton Keynes Council fixing it?

“They tell us the road is so bad that Creed Street ‘needs more than just resurfacing, we will be reconstructing and strengthening the road’ , but the sting in the tail is they do not intend doing it until November.

“This is crazy. Every day it is left means more misery.

“Apart from the cost of damage to cars and buses there is an increasing risk of serious injury particularly to cyclists. I do have to wonder if MK Council are treating this as a joke?”

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman said: “The highway team schedule resurfacing and repair work based on set criteria before a schedule is decided upon.

“They consider factors like the volume of traffic, the weather, is it on a priority route or near a school?

“Another key factor in the scheduling of the Creed Street job is that other works will be going on in the area so it makes sense to plan all work for the same time to minimise disruption for local residents and businesses.

“Based on this assessment this particular road will be resurfaced at the end of the year and will be just one of many resurfacing works undertaken by Milton Keynes Council over the next few months as part of a £multi-million investment into highways.

> Tom Borland’s car was badly damaged after being unable to avoid at five-inch deep pot hole on the Newton Road, Woburn Sands, pictured. He claims there is potential danger if the hole is not fixed immediately.

Tom said: “On Wednesday, May 14 while travelling in a long line of traffic at some 25mph, I had the misfortune to be unable to avoid this large hole in the tarmac, being unable to serve around in time, as there was a very large articulated lorry coming in the opposite direction, as a result my car hit the front pot hole, which was some 5” deep, the front nearside and rear tyres bottoming on the wheel rims, with and almighty bang; which rocked the car.

“I was not best pleased to say the least, having recently spent over £225 having two new quality front tyres fitted and wheels balanced, plus car tracking alignment tested by the latest computerised system.

“This incident was reported to the Officer in Charge at Woburn Sands Police Station at 9.15am the next day had a meeting later that morning with the Town Council and would report the matter as requiring urgent road way repairs.

“I had reported this matter as I felt there was the potential DANGER to Life and Limb for a motorcyclist at night, not to mention the significant damage to your car/vehicle at any time of day if filled with rain water, or if these hazards were seen at the last moment, the deep pot holes being screened by moving traffic and vehicles in front of your own car.

“I now intend to seek compensation for any damage to my vehicle, from MK Council, Bucks County Council or whatever Highways Department is responsible for road maintenance, in the first instance; by getting the car examined by having a routine safety checked carried out.

“And if any damaged is reported, to obtain complete reimbursement for labour and renewal of any new tyres or parts found to be defective as a result of damage from these dreadful pot holes hazards.”