Pothole repairs after council spend £60,000 to pay off angry drivers

Potholes in Milton Keynes
Potholes in Milton Keynes

Claims for damage to cars caused by potholes have cost Milton Keynes Council more than £60,000 in the past two years.

Last year the council forked out £20,572 to irate motorists while in 2011 the sum was £40,045.23.

But the local authority lawyers are hoping pothiole problems will soon become a thing of the past.

For next month sees the launch of a mammoth £50 million road improvement programme to resurface large stretches of damaged highway over the next 18 months.

John Bint, the council’s Cabinet member for transport, said: “We want to do the job properly. It will also prove more cost-effective to resurface an entire road than to repair potholes individually.

“To fill each hole singly is like putting a sticking plaster on the problem – it just does not last. The £50m scheme will be a more permanent solution to our ever increasing problem of serious potholes.”

The repair programme is due to start on April 8 with traffic delays expected.

The workers given the massive task of reparing city potholes are the same crews who have driven the gritting lorries over winter.

Council chiefs are keeping their fingers crossed the icy weather will be over by April 8, so the crew can be diverted.

But they fear the latest freeze has caused more damage – and more potholes.