Power down for an Eon....

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RESIDENTS living in North Crawley were hit with a massive power cut at the weekend, leaving some unable to eat, wash or stay warm.

The power cut started at 5.30pm on Sunday, affecting 2,000 homes and by Monday morning the power had not been restored.

North Crawley Parish Council chairman, Roz Hatton, said: “We have no gas in the village so it wasn’t like people could use a back up power supply and cook for themselves. There are a lot of elderly residents round here who need to stay warm in these current conditions and Sunday night was particularly cold.”

By 9am on Monday morning the problem had still not been resolved, despite many trying to get hold of electricity supplier’s EON, only to be thwarted with a pre-recorded apology message.

Roz said: “I called our MP Mark Lancaster because I knew he would get a result and within 15 minutes of calling him I got a response saying it was being sorted. Shortly, after that it was. We needed to speak to more than just a recorded message.”

Mr Lancaster said: “It is bad for rural communities, of which there are many in my constituency, to be cut off for this length of time.

“Many are without gas, and have larger elderly populations, so a power cut can be a very serious matter.

“I am glad my team were able to step in in this instance, but I will be writing to EON to ask why it took so long for power to be restored.”