Praise for fire crews after factory blaze

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MORE than 100 workers at a Bletchley company had to be evacuated as a precaution after a fire started in one of its factories.

Staff at Broadway Stampings were taken out of the building at around 10am on Tuesday morning.

Four crews were immediately called from Bletchley, Great Holm, Broughton and Buckingham, only to discover that the fire had almost completely died down.

The blaze started in the extraction system of the building, which is situated on the Denbigh West industrial estate, and quickly spread.

Station manager at Bletchley fire station and incident commander, Dave Norris, said: “The fire was on the mezzanine floor in a hopper containing metal dust.

“It started burning through the floor and falling to the floor below, and produced a great deal of smoke and flames.”

Fast acting firefighters wearing breathing apparatus then put out the fire using hose reels , compressed air foam, jets and a dry powder extinguisher.

Mr Norris said: “Although this had the potential to cause major disruption, we have worked with the factory’s managers to minimise the impact it has had on staff and their work. We were able to let staff start coming back in after about 90 minutes.

“People are back in their offices, parts of the manufacturing area are functioning and deliveries are getting out.

“I would like to thank everyone at the factory for the part they played in limiting the effects of the fire - they have all been very helpful.”

He was also quick to praise the quick response and hard work of the four crews that attended the scene.

He added: “Firefighters worked quickly and efficiently to deal with the fire and to prevent it from spreading. It could have caused a considerable amount of damage and had a major impact on the company.

“The good news is that no-one has been hurt, and life is starting to return to normal at the factory.”