Prayer made woman walk

Maya Joseph and Rev Gordon Booty
Maya Joseph and Rev Gordon Booty

A WOMAN who spent ten years in a wheelchair has told how she was “miraculously” able to walk again after one session in a healing church.

Maya Joseph says she was instantly cured of the pain in the legs that had crippled her since the age of 25.

“I got up and walked and I’ve continued to walk ever since. I feel fantastic!” she said.

Maya, 35, has dwarfism and severe spinal problems and has to be lifted onto a special minibus to attend St George’s, a traditional Celtic church held in the reception of Acorn House.

Set up six months ago, the church holds a healing service on the first Sunday of every month.

Its pastor, Rev George Booty, said: “I remember her coming forward for prayer for her legs specifically and I laid hands on her in the set Biblical tradition as we prayed.

“When we had finished she was really amazing and beaming ...She could suddenly lift her legs up and her knees came right up to her chest, without any pain at all.”

Since the healing session Maya says her twisted leg has already started straightening.

“I’m going for walks every day and feeling fitter than I have done for years. My doctors are amazed when I tell them how I was cured.”

Now Maya, who has worked as an author and an actress, has one more ambition - to cure her failing eyesight.

She is a struggling to raise funds for a pioneering eye operation in America. But meanwhile she may take another trip to St George’s.

Said Rev Booty: “Miracles do happen! Maybe Maya will come back to ask God for something bigger eventually. We have not given up on her and believe that neither has God given up on her.”